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Binance Bilateral peg allows for someone to take a risk to transfer into an altcoin and still have the opportunity to transfer out to bitcoin without losing value. Some chunk of the lecture was spent describing what do the two chains need to support to allow this interoperability. Token sales and token drops are unilateral meaning that once someone exits bitcoin there is no path back as well as it can add to the volatility of the altcoin. Sidechains are a solution in response on how to enable bitcoin or other ledger based assets to be transfered across other blockchains, ie altcoin with bitcoin.

The paper,"Enabling Blockchain Innovations with Pegged Sidechains", and the work was funded by a private company known as Blockstream. As of today, there are no widely used decentralized sidechains. This lecture was more theoretic. They currently provide a federated sidechain. Some of the authors have even suggested that the solution proposed was not feasible given breaks in the security model. It discussed a potential solution for having a pegged altcoin with Bitcoin as well as a new manner to efficiently validate transactions. I thought the topics discussed were worth exploring but still remained a bit too abstract for general consumption.

De nieuwe coin heet ook LUNA, maar dan met een tweetje erachter: LUNA2. Afgelopen zaterdag kwam Do Kwon, de maker van Terra, met een nieuwe coin naar buiten. De voorganger kennen jullie vast wel: LUNA, de coin zie volledig gefaald heeft.

In reverse, you need to burn or destroy the altcoin in a way that unlocks the bitcoin. To transfer into bitcoin, you want to lock the bitcoin up in some way that the other chain recognizes that some amount of the altcoin needs to be minted. Essential two independent worlds ie networks need to know enough about each other to do the locking and unlocking. The lecturer makes the claim that this would not be possible without modifying bitcoin in some manner by a soft-fork. Ok, now this isn’t as simple as doing an escrow payment where a lawyer locks up funds in one account and then gives you back funds after some event. By know enough, it’s that bitcoin would need to be able to validate the transactions that occurred on the altcoin to ensure you’re unlocking the right amount. The requirement seem logical.

Bank of America has a large asset base and is considered one of the largest banks in the US. It has a huge presence in the retail banking Retail Banking Retail banking or cryptocurrency personal banking refers to the financial services offered by the financial institutions exclusively to the individual clients. Its core businesses include credit cards, mortgage lending, asset management, BNB corporate banking, consumer and small business banking Business Banking Business banking refers to a bank or financial institution that focuses solely on businesses and corporate clients, offering products such as business loans, asset management, and electronic fund transfers that are tailored to their specific needs. Bank of America acquired Merrill Lynch in the year 2009 and since then has its presence in the wealth management industry as well and is considered a leader there. The consumer banking provides personal loan, savings account, debit cards, credit cards, locker, etc. Headquartered in Charlotte N.C. Bank of America is headed by its CEO Brian Moynihan. read more space with around 5,000 retail branches and 16,000 ATMs across the world.

Several connections to a server may be open; messages may be sent in either direction through any of the connections (a response to a query is not necessarily returned through the same connection that carried the original query, although most often, bitcoin that is the case; however, in no case can a message be returned through a connection belonging to a different session). When the UDP protocol is used, a response might be returned by a different IP address than the one to which the query had been sent.

Goldman Sachs is the mecca of investment banking, aspiring investment bankers aim to be a part of the most reputed and venerable bank of all times and work with the world’s most talented, ambitious, and determined people. Goldman Sachs is one of the oldest and foremost bulge bracket investment bank formed in 1869 and is led by Lloyd Blankfein. Since it is one of the oldest banks, Goldman Sachs has been the pioneer in a lot of investment banking services, one of them being the establishment of the IPO market in the 1900s. Along with this, the bank is also credited with being the pioneer in establishing the institutional sales market, forming a dedicated M&A division, negotiating trade on NYSE, and being the forerunner in distributing electronically generated research reports.

As with most things in crypto, there is a specific language to the idea of changing dominance, often described as a flippening . The idea of changing dominance is important because it illustrates the competitive nature of crypto. Each coin (planet) is trying to exert more influence, which in the case of Bitcoin vs Ethereum comes down to their different consensus method - PoW vs Proof of Stake.image

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